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There was a time quite recently when the best strategy for banner advertising was “Spray and Pray.” In other words the more individuals you could reach out to, the greater the chance your banner would be clicked on.

Today with the advent of cookie technology, it is far more effective if you are smart with your banner targeting. And that’s where Web Windows is here to help.

Run of Network

We can help you reach millions of potential customers, with the bonus of a possible 98% discount. Run of network advertising utilizes top late rate options available in a banner inventory on premium websites that are high quality and high traffic. We offer a standard package that can potentially generate 3000 visitors or more.


We have a wide network of sites available for you to choose from. You can select a site promoting services and products just like yours, products with comparable branding, or sites targeting the same demographic.  We have more than 60 respected sites for you to choose from with a high volume of traffic focusing on demographics key to you and your business.


We can fabricate banners that will attract users who have already been to an advertiser’s website, to help drive more traffic to your product. This type of targeting is perfect for an audience that has already shown some interest in what you can do for them. This technique works by increasing exposure to your ads, reminding the audience of your offer and increasing your conversion rate.


Programmatic advertising refers to automated banner ads that can increase the value of each ad that you purchase. Without using the aid of additional personal information, we can figure out the demographic profile that determines what website people have visited in the past. We then process that data, which allows us to target by purchasing interest, lifestyle and any other pertinent criteria.


Contextually targeted banner ads, feature pertinent editorial materials to the content on the page. This method of targeting makes each ad highly relevant to the audience. Consequently, there is a higher number of click-throughs and a high conversion rate for each ad. This type of targeting is a proven method of generating around three times the revenue you would get from ads that are not targeted.


With GEO Targeting, we can send your ad to a specific geographical location to make sure that each ad is of maximum effectiveness. Geography is an essential element in the posting and placing ads. GEO targeting can help direct your audience to brick and mortar establishment, placing you right in arm’s length of potential customers. As a bonus this method of targeting increase click-through rates by 30% and reduces competition.

We have closely knit teams who work together to get the best results for you.

From Day 1 your Account Manager will ensure that both our Creative and Ad Operations departments are fully aware of your campaign’s objectives.

Five Stage Online Process

  • 1. Proposal

    Tell us about your business and the key objectives of the ad campaign. We'll put together a proposal around an agreed budget.

  • 2. Design

    One of our designers will create an animated banner ad for approval and we'll discuss an appropriate landing page.

  • 3. Set Live

    Our Ad Operations dept now take over and set the campaign live. An email notification is sent to confirm.

  • 4. Report

    On Monday and Thursday we'll send you reports detailing the progress of the campaign and how it's performing.

  • 5. Optimise

    Optimisation is the process of fine-tuning the campaign to ensure it achieves maximum impressions and high click through rates.

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Web Windows banners run last month
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Average click through rate
  • What is it?
  • Impressions
  • Period
  • Banner size
  • UK only sites
  • Weekly reports
  • Run of Network
    • Mass cover on popular sites
    • 10 million ad shows
    • 28 days
    • Leaderboard Banner
  • Premium Sites
    • Advertise on a site of your choosing
    • 140000 +
    • 28 days
    • Leaderboard Banner
  • Contextual
    • Advertising near relevant content
    • 750,000 ad shows
    • 28 days
    • Leaderboard Banner
  • Retargeting
    • Show banners to recent visitors
    • Traffic dependent
    • 28 days
    • Leaderboard Banner
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